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Skateboarder, Poet, & Spoken Word Artist

Who is Mat Lloyd?

Mat Lloyd is a skateboarder, poet and spoken word artist from the north of England, currently living in the south.  His poetry collaborations with illustrator Matt Frodsham have been featured around the globe and are studied in Schools as far afield as Canada and Australia.  In 2014 he worked with composer Stuart Hancock and the Barbican for their ‘Snapshot Songs’ project seeing his work performed by a full choir and the London Schools Symphony Orchestra.  His work with Neon Stash x Stay Wild Magazine ‘A Guide to Cracks & Curbs: London’ was widely coveted, seeing it featured on High Snobiety and Tony Hawks Ride channel to name but a few.  In recent years he was one of the artists featured in the documentary film series ‘We Can Fly’ and also appeared in the BBC’s ‘Skateboarding at 60’ documentary.  He continues to perform throughout the UK & Europe, and currently hosts the ‘Skateboarder And…’ podcast promoting creativity in skateboarding.


“Mat Lloyd is the towering don of performance - since I first wowed at his ability to charm a room like he’s pivoting in a skateboard ballet, I’ve witnessed his words slam ever-more taboo corners of everyday struggle with unparalleled hubris.”

Kirsty Allison – Writer, Performer & Editor

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