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"Passionate, engaging, skilfully-woven tales of the everyday. Mat Lloyd is a wonderful storyteller."

Musa Okwonga – Writer, Journalist & Author

“Mat Lloyd is the towering don of performance - since I first wowed at his ability to charm a room like he’s pivoting in a skateboard ballet, I’ve witnessed his words slam ever-more taboo corners of everyday struggle with unparalleled hubris.”

Kirsty Allison – Writer, Performer & Editor

“Mat Lloyd is an undisputed giant in the world of poetry; well, he's certainly the tallest poet I've ever introduced!  Putting aside his work, which, by the way; in my humble opinion, is peerless in its vibrancy; unfailingly on the button; consistently astounding; meticulously descriptive and yet heart wrenchingly real, Mat has to rate as the nicest; most encouraging; reliable and professional performance poets on the circuit, and I salute him in all that he does.  Buy his fuckin' books; go and see him perform, and witness for yourself!”

Paul Eccentric – Musician, Poet & Author

“Mat isn’t the voice of a generation, he’s the voice of every generation that has ever set foot upon a skateboard. His words inspire skateboarders and poets to keep doing what they love. This collection represents a lifetime of beautifully crafted work and is simply a must have for any skater, any fan of poetry, of art, of the spoken word, of photography or any of the other multitude of disciplines that polymath Mat covers.”

Tony Wood – Poet & Author

“Mat is one of the nicest and hardest working guys in the biz and never stops improving his craft. He thinks he’s cool because he skates but maybe he’s just cool anyway.“

Will Conway – Writer & Artist

"His voice is instantly recognisable - a youthful and excitable manner, one of a man who sounds not quite ready to submit to the mundane-ness of grown up living." 

Foundry Magazine

"Mat Lloyd has the cap.  Mat Lloyd has the words.  All he needs now is the beard..." 

Scroobius Pip - Actor, Podcaster & Poet

“Mat gives us simplicity with words that when you begin reading them drop deep with meaning and poetic storytelling. Through years of continuous production and graft craft he has brought about another classic in his style (unsurprisingly).”

Philip Levine – Artist & Producer

“Simply tells it how it is and is not ashamed of being a little different from your average Poet.” 


"Mat has been a fixture on the skate scene for decades"

The Skateboarders Companion

"Off beat poetry about real life"

The London Paper

"It offers a penetrating examination of contemporary male friendships, invoking the vocabulary of laddish banter (‘Every time I bone your missus / She gives me a doughnut. Slut’, only to pull the rug out from under the viewer in its final, wrenching seconds." 

The Sabotage

"Part social comment. Part explosive diatribe"

DONT Magazine

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