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A collection of poems that may save a life

It’s with mixed emotions that I post this. On the one hand I’m really stoked to have a poem as part of this important collection , along side so many talented artists including my childhood hero Benjamin Zephaniah. Not only a poem in the book, but my excited face next to the legend himself on the cover!! What an honour.

But on the day I found out the book was finally released and available to buy, I also found out that my cousin had taken his own life. The suicide rates in the UK have risen and continue to rise year on year. In the under 25’s it’s risen 93% (from 2012 - 2019). Men aged 45 - 49 and women aged 50 - 54 have the highest suicide rates in the UK.

It’s my hope that this book makes it out there and gets people talking, and maybe someone will read it and realise they are not alone. Maybe as the title says “a collection of poems that may save a life”.

It’s available from Amazon worldwide and the profits are going to the mental health charity.

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