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Available for the first time on Amazon 'The Cracks and Curbs EP'

Available for the first time on Amazon my second collection of poetry 'The Cracks and Curbs EP'. Originally published in late 2015 and reissued every year since, it’s only been available from this website and from my own hands after gigs. Last year when I sold the final copies of the latest reprint I decided it was time to let someone else handle the distribution of future copies so I can focus on new work.  I am truly humbled by everyone whose purchased a copy of 'The Cracks and Curbs EP', but if you missed out now's your chance to get a copy:

Why Amazon now?

Amazon has changed the level of support it givers authors through it's publishing platform. 'Demo Tape' my first collection netted me £0.23p per sale, and the only way this could be improved was if I hiked the price of the book up. With Amazons new setup I can keep the price at £5.99 and still get a respectable amount per copy purchased. It also means everyone who missed out on 'The Cracks and Curbs EP' or just wants to check it out can now get a copy across the world and Amazon handles the publishing, printing and delivery!

What's next?

Hopefully the first of two new collections will be out later this year. The first is a be a book of short poems originally written for the page that will come out in a similar style to 'The Cracks and Curbs EP' paying homage to DIY skate zines that I still buy today.

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