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RIP Jeff Grosso 1968 - 2020

I never knew Jeff Grosso, I never really met him, well not really. He was at a few UK VANS events and I probably nodded or said "Hi", but this was Jeff Grosso, Jeff fucking Grosso!  I was in awe, the little kid in me that used to butt board down hills on my best friend Alex's 'Grosso' setup back in 91 couldn't have dreamed this shit.  Grosso was the man; had it, lost it, and back again. You have to respect that sort of resilience to never give up!

He was the Uncle we all wish we had, the ying to skateboarding's yang, and even though I never really knew him, this one cuts deep.

Skateboarding needs more Jeff Grosso's, but it's going to be a while (if ever) before anyone else comes close.

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