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Skateboarder And... Mark 'Fos' Foster

This episode of the ’Skateboarder And…’ podcast is a big one! I got to sit down with a skater from Lancashire England, whose mark runs deep in skateboarding culture, he’s founded not one, but two skateboard companies, has created artwork for most of the others and is currently living in LA…

This episode is with skateboarder, illustrator, founder and art director of Heroin Skateboards…Mark ‘Fos’ Foster!

We talk about the influence of R.A.D. magazine, art college, landing a job as the sales director at Slam - despite being ‘a grimy kid from up north’, the story behind Heroin Skateboards, getting wifi in a log cabin, Zines, Focus Scotland, Freestyle Skatestore, why he started Landscape, t-shirt companies, broken wrists, comics, egg shape boards, advice for artists wanting to pitch ideas, Judge Dredd, Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch, Chris Pullman, Don Brider, Jack Kirby, Dead Dave, Craig Questions, Chet Childress, Nick Zorlac…and so much more.

We definitely need to get Mark back for a Part Two!!!

To find out what Fos is up to, follow him on Instagram @fosgraphics and check out his official website

To find out more about Heroin Skateboards check them out on instagram @heroinskateboards and the official website

Stay up to date by following us on instagram @skateboarderand or by joining our Facebook page

The podcast is hosted by Mat Lloyd @matlloydpoet on instagram/twitter and his official website

His new book ‘What You Missed’ is available for pre-order via

All music is provided with permission by Mr. Brown @westaytrue his music is available from all good record stores, iTunes, Amazon and direct via

Stay safe people!

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