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Skateboarder And... podcast with Leon Switch

Series 03 Episode 03 of 'Skateboarder And...' podcast is back, in this episode I got to sit down with skateboarder, musician, producer, composer, and legendary DJ, Mr. Leon Switch...

After making his name in drum & bass, he founded a new form of music with Kyptic Minds, and is now a legend in the scene who is globally respected! We talk about his start as a DJ, getting hooked up with DC, touring the globe, composing for computer games, street league, Goldie, early drum & bass, living in the studio, bad hips, market boards and much more.

Follow Leon on instagram via @leonswitch, facebook via and his official website

Intro track provided by Leon Switch 'Deadlock' buy it from all good record stores, iTunes, and Amazon

Outro track provided by Mr. Brown from his album Beats for Days 2', buy it from all good record stores, iTunes, Amazon and Mr. Brown direct via

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