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Skateboarder And... podcast with Rohum Dilley

The latest episode of the ’Skateboarder And…’ podcast has it all; helicopters, Steve Berra, Guy Mariano, Greg Hunt, Nick Zorlac, The Death house, pneumonia, spanking student loans, Los Angeles, Stevenage, Richie Jackson, and so much more!!! This one is epic!!

It is of course with skateboarder, film maker and journalist Mr. Rohum Dilley!

To find out more about follow Rohum on instagram via @RohumDilley and his official website:

Stay up to date by following us on instagram @skateboarderand or by joining our Facebook page

All music is provided with permission by Mr. Brown @westaytrue his music is available from all good record stores, iTunes, Amazon and direct via

You can listen via Soundcloud here:

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