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Open All Hours Official Teaser Trailer

If we aren't friends on Instagram (we should be @matlloydpoet) you may not know that the trailer for the upcoming 'Open All Hours' dropped recently and has already been featured twice on the Berrics Instagram racking up thousands of views! I wrote a piece specifically for the film and you'll hear a little snippet in the trailer!

From @rohumdilley (Director of #Rolling) and @goblinskatemag_ comes #OpenAllHours, the true story behind what it means to #SupportYourLocalSkateShop.

4 years in the making, @rohumdilleyhas travelled across the United Kingdom to document the independent skate shops who have kept their scene alive and risked it all for the one thing they love - Skateboarding.

I was lucky to sit down with film maker & Journalist Rohum in November last year for an episode of the 'Skateboarder And...' podcast! Well worth a listen as we discussed helicopters, Steve Berra, Guy Mariano, Greg Hunt, Nick Zorlac, The Death house, pneumonia, spanking student loans, Los Angeles, Stevenage, Richie Jackson, and Open All Hours.

Director: @rohumdilley

Producer: @emileeshaw

Trailer music: Ryan Taubert - Speak, We’re Listening

Presented by: @goblinskatemag_

Supported by: @vansskate

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