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Open All hours Premiere Friday 18th Feb!

Finally the premiere of Rohum Dilley's new film 'Open All Hours' is finally upon us! This Friday at the mighty House of VANS London you'll be able to see it in all it's glory at 6pm and 8pm! It's free so all you've got to do is get yourself down there!!!

'Open All Hours' is an in-depth look at the significant role skateboard shops play within skateboarding culture. With many shops under threat from online commerce, the film considers the present and precarious future of independent skateboarding stores in Ireland and the United Kingdom. For many skateboarders, their identity is tied up with membership of a particular store’s tribe; the loss of a store can trigger the disintegration of a community. Presented by Goblin Skate Magazine in association with Vans Skateboarding, featuring skate shop's High Rollers Skate Store, Focus Scotland, Cardiff Skateboard Club, Lost Art Skate Shop, Flatspot and many more. Director Rohum Dilley captures the passion and commitment of the people behind the counter and their respect and affection for their customers.

check out the latest trailer below...

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