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Skateboarder And... podcast with Alvin Singfield

This episode of the Skateboarder And… podcast may be one you’ll have to listen to a couple of times just to take in the amount of UK skate history discussed! We got to sit down with Alvin Singfield who is nothing short of a UK legend, although he’ll hate us using that phrase!

We discuss his early days at RAD Magazine, working at Faze 7, ROM skate park, helping create not one but three skateboard companies including the once mighty Blueprint, editing seminal UK skate videos, HOAX, flowing your favourite UK skater, BMXing across Europe, VOLCOM, Attitude Inc and so much more.

PS. And we haven’t mentioned ‘that’ meeting at New Deal!! Trust us it’s pretty incredible!

This episode really does have it all!!

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Stay safe people!

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